About Jenn

It all started back in the 80’s with my first set of Legos. As a child, I spent hours designing Lego houses, complete with kitchens and bathrooms. As I grew older, I experimented with different furniture layouts in my room. Even as a kid, I was amazed at how a new layout could feel like a new room. It’s that level of transformation I still love about design today.

After graduating college, I began a career in business consulting. This was an excellent foundation for my future career in design as I quickly learned the nuances of client service and the necessity of time management, but there came a point when I longed for something more creative. I began taking classes at UCLA’s architecture and interior design school and quickly knew that interior design was the path for me.

With my design degree in hand, I moved to New York with my husband. I worked on high-rise residential developments and hotels for architect Costas Kondylis and luxury overseas hotels for architect/designer Michael Graves. Upon moving back to Los Angeles, I honed my eye for furniture and textiles working for interior designer Kishani Perera.

I live a busy life with my husband, three children and rescue dog. I understand the importance of having a meaningful, comfortable, beautiful place to call home and I’m passionate about creating those spaces for my clients and their families.